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Lara Del Chiaro



With over two decades of experience in Interior and Commercial Design, Lara was born and graduated in Architecture in Venice,Italy. 

Her firm, Interior Lab, was initially based in Milan and moved to Dubai in 2010.


Eclectic attitude, passionate of Design, Photography and Art, Lara's research focuses on creating a transversal line throughout several artistic disciplines.


More than 80 projects have been completed worldwide. 

From Landscape to Food & beverages, from Retail to working spaces, from Wellness to Luxury Residential, the functional part is goes hand in hand with the creation of valuable, consistent, and timeless spaces. 


Having the possibility of being creative in many different ways and trough different cultures and countries in her carrier, gave her the chance to constantly enriched, reinterpret and adding a new twist to the Design. 


“Reflecting the unique identity and the values of the Clients into their Projects came from the long experience in the Retail Design field;

the same vision is conveyed into each new design, achieving the result together with the Client through a shared journey”.

"...Vitruvius said that "the Architect must know astronomy if he wants to build roofs": when you build a roof  you are not simply making a shelter from the rain but something that connect you with the stars .." ... 
... and I must personally say that it is precisely the feeling you get from standing under the dome of the Louvre in Abu Dhabi designed by Jean Nouvel; one of my preferred place where to go to get inspiration and start a new Project from scratch .. 




Interior Lab consultancy starts from the preliminary concept sketches and brings innovative ideas and drawings that creates an inspirational story around the new Design.

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